Canadian Cryptocurrency Onramps & Offramps

By onramps & offramps, we mean venues/forums/companies that allow us to transfer in fiat/dollars for conversion to cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin/BTC, and Ethereum/ETH), and conversely allowing the swap/exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat/dollars along with withdrawal.

This post/page focuses on Canadian cryptocurrency onramps & offramps, because our government’s regulatory entities are so out-of-touch with digital currencies & assets – Canada, and especially the province of Ontario, have some of the highest-friction and most restrictive regulations of any developed nation – as of this writing, residents of Ontario, Canada cannot use Binance & FTX.

Currently, these options are in no particular order:

None of the statements herein are provided as financial advice, and are not to be taken as such. Always DYOR (Do Your Own Research), and consider consulting a financial advisor/professional (a real one, not one of the fake advisors that scammers are fraudulently pushing everywhere they can spam).

Please leave us a comment below if we missed any note-worthy options.