Installing PHP extension imagick manually because it’s missing in cPanel/WHM EasyApache 4

We needed imagemagick installed on our server for nextCloud, but imagick is missing/unavailable in EasyApache 4.

Fortunately, we found the following instructions, which worked perfectly for us on our cPanel/WHM server for PHP versions 7.4, 8.0, and 8.1…

Original source:

Originally written by Justin Catello

This is fairly simple, just copy and paste the following into SSH.

1. Installing imagemagick:

yum -y install ImageMagick-devel ImageMagick-c++-devel ImageMagick-perl

2. Installing the imagemagick PHP extensions for all installed PHP versions.

for phpver in $(whmapi1 php_get_installed_versions|grep -oE '\bea-php.*') ; do
printf "\autodetect" | /opt/cpanel/$phpver/root/usr/bin/pecl install imagick
echo '' >> /opt/cpanel/$phpver/root/etc/php.d/imagick.ini

3.  Test to make sure imagemagick is installed:

/usr/bin/convert --version

4. Test to make sure the PHP extensions loaded:

for phpver in $(whmapi1 php_get_installed_versions|grep -oE '\bea-php.*') ; do
echo "PHP $phpver" ; /opt/cpanel/$phpver/root/usr/bin/php -m |grep imagick
PHP 54
PHP 55
PHP 56
PHP 70
PHP 71

Canadian Cryptocurrency Onramps & Offramps

By onramps & offramps, we mean venues/forums/companies that allow us to transfer in fiat/dollars for conversion to cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin/BTC, and Ethereum/ETH), and conversely allowing the swap/exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat/dollars along with withdrawal.

This post/page focuses on Canadian cryptocurrency onramps & offramps, because our government’s regulatory entities are so out-of-touch with digital currencies & assets – Canada, and especially the province of Ontario, have some of the highest-friction and most restrictive regulations of any developed nation – as of this writing, residents of Ontario, Canada cannot use Binance & FTX.

Currently, these options are in no particular order:

None of the statements herein are provided as financial advice, and are not to be taken as such. Always DYOR (Do Your Own Research), and consider consulting a financial advisor/professional (a real one, not one of the fake advisors that scammers are fraudulently pushing everywhere they can spam).

Please leave us a comment below if we missed any note-worthy options.

Restart VirtualBox Guest Additions inside a Linux VM

tl;dr the command-line solution to run inside your Linux VM:

sudo pkill -fx "/usr/bin/VBoxClient --clipboard" && /usr/bin/VBoxClient --clipboard

Background / Details / Synopsis

Now and again, copy & paste functionality can break between a Microsoft Windows host and its Linux guest VM (Virtual Machine) when using Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Symptoms include not only the inability to paste text, but also application freezes/lockups. For example, we found that Google Chrome on Windows became unresponsive for ~1 minute, when trying to paste text that was copied from our Linux VM, but would return to normal after.

A solution that works for us is to restart the VirtualBox Guest Additions inside the Linux VM, discussed here: How to restart Guest Additions?